Childrens’ Books


“Old Red Box”

The Old Red Box series of books in rhyme are presented through the screen of a smartphone.  They introduce young readers to the concept of the passing of time.  ‘Old Red Box Why So Sad?’ begins with the central character, a  K6 telephone box, no longer needed and falling into disrepair.  We then see K6 having an
alternative use as a mini library or Book Box.   Another book introduces ‘Ditto’ the nearby post box and friend of K6 and ‘Green’ the litter bin.  Other Old Red Box books help teach days of the week and seasons of the year, introducing migration and hibernation through clever use of graphics.    Back covers promote
discussion and encourage young readers to find and count the incidental creatures within the stories.  A delightful series just waiting for the right publisher to see the potential!  Old Red Box Books MESSAGES FOR YOUNG READERS.