Do you need to reach a certain age to be interested in history?

How many of you reading this blog found history a dull subject in school?  Was it that teachers were  ‘non-inspirational’, or topics studied were totally boring and had little relevance to the ‘here and now’ of  teenage life?

I have to admit that history was way down the list of my favourite subjects, though not as bad as learning a foreign language when I had little idea where France was.

Yet, today I write history books.  I have a desire to make history interesting, meaningful and tangible.  Is it an age thing to find that I suddenly start to feel sorry for the dilapidated state of the K6 telephone box and ask the Parish Council to adopt it for £1?  Then I realise all I did by this action was to shift the liability and the K6 falls into a state of more dilapidation without even a use for those who may have forgotten their two plus mobiles, have broken down and need to call out the fourth emergency service.

But whatever the state of Unstone’s K6, the once iconic symbol of ‘Britishism’, it has become the main character in my Old Red Box series of books for children.  You never know, a few of those kids out there might start to notice these diminishing red boxes and wonder what they were for.